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Industrial Electrical Maintenance?

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What is Industrial Electrical Maintenance?

Every manufacturing facility and all industrial plants rely on electricity for production and supply. That is why it is critical that Industrial Electrical Maintenance is performed by qualified and experienced electricians and engineers to limit avoidable breakdowns as well as reduce production downtime.

Industrial Electrical Maintenance work can be split into four categories: Preventative, Operational, Corrective and Breakdown Maintenance.

As the name suggests, Preventative Maintenance involves preparing a strategy which significantly reduces preventable breakdowns, limit production loss, enforce safety precautions as well as, ultimately, decrease maintenance spending.

Operational Maintenance deals with the care and upkeep of industrial equipment to ensure prolonged service life. This includes ongoing inspections, cleaning procedures and other servicing operations generally carried out by trained operators.

Corrective Maintenance focuses on correcting and repairing equipment, or parts, identified during Preventative Maintenance and can also include the replacement of equipment and parts in order to prevent breakdowns that could be caused from wear and tear.

Finally, Breakdown Maintenance deals with failures during production operations. Of the four maintenance processes, this is the most costly and disruptive both in repair and because it halts production. It is often also referred to as Run-to Fail Maintenance Strategy.

What services do we provide as part of our Industrial Electrical Maintenance?

We offer a completely free 1 Hour initial consultation which includes a Site Assessment and Condition Report for all Manufacturing and Processing Industry clients. After our initial site walk, a written equipment maintenance report is prepared.

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