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What is Machine Safety Guarding?

We all expect industrial machinery, robotics and other factory equipment to work as intended and, for the most part, it all does. That is especially true when professional Electrical Maintenance and Mechanical Maintenance are performed on a regular basis. However, when accidents and breakdowns arise, whether because of improper operation, defective or faulty equipment and parts, or from substandard or even a lack of proper maintenance, these accidents can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

This is one reason why Machine Safety Guarding is a critical process for any industrial facility.

The duties of a Machine Safety Guarding technician and engineer can include establishing Operational Health and Safety (OHS) strategies, designing and developing safety guards for machinery and equipment while allowing easy access for operators, hazardous area classification and maintenance, machine safety risk assessments and solutions, and more.

As mentioned earlier, protection when accidents and breakdowns occur is only one reason why Machine Safety Guarding is important. The other reason is for the safety and general protection of operators and bystanders. For example, the objective of safety guards is not only to keep machinery and equipment (and parts) within the cages but to also keep operators (when not operating the equipment), bystanders or passers-by out.

One of the most important goals of a Machine Safety Guarding technician and engineer is to ensure that work areas, even and especially near dangerous machinery, are as safe and risk-free as possible.

What services do we provide as part of our Machine Safety Guarding?

We offer a completely free 1 Hour initial consultation which includes a Site Assessment and Condition Report for all Manufacturing and Processing Industry clients. After our initial site walk, a written electrical and mechanical safety report is prepared.

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