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Brisbane Industrial Electricians

Sovereign Trades is the company to call if you are looking for an industrial electrician in Brisbane. 

We are the company in Brisbane that an industrialist can count on when they need electrical services of any kind. 

Our goal is to improve processes, minimize downtime and offer fair prices. 

We are a one-stop electrical and mechanical maintenance services provider that helps manufacturers stay competitive by getting the highest possible performance out of their production equipment.

Industrial Electrical Service Brisbane

Every industry relies on electricity. You can effectively increase your efficiency and productivity with a well-managed power source.

At Sovereign Trades, you can hire a qualified and trained industrial electricians We have electricians who are skilled at identifying and resolving issues. Our quality assured service helps us retain our customers. 

We offer a broad range of industrial (both electrical and mechanical) services to avoid the risk of equipment damage and fire hazards in your industry.

Our experienced electricians specialize in repairing and maintaining electrical equipment, machinery, and systems.

We ensure that the best possible results are achieved, and the performance of your company's electrical systems and equipment is improved.

Sovereign Trades has extensive experience in various industries, including civil engineering and communications, and is highly versatile and efficient. 

We are the team to solve any electrical problem you may have.

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Equipment and Machinery

It's bad for business when a critical piece of equipment breaks down.

And what if it causes personal injury? It's not just bad for your business only but for your personal safety too. 

As an experienced and versatile industrial electrician in Brisbane, Sovereign Trades is able to prevent such problems by testing and maintaining machinery. 

If you have a problem with a machine and don't know where to start, give us a call for advice. If we can't fix the problem or it's not an electrical problem, we'll do what we can and help you fix it as best as we can. We will also be happy to give you no-obligation advice on best practices for new installations and machine selection, as well as an overview of installation and maintenance costs. 

Industrial Electrical

Services offered (Electrical)

Troubleshooting and repair of electrical faults 

Planned and preventive maintenance 

Design and installation of control systems 

Installation and calibration of instruments 

Automation and process control systems 

Upgrading and installation of PLCs, variable speed drives, etc.

Installation and commissioning of new equipment

Panel upgrades, three-phase lighting, and more.

Project management 

Industrial Machinery

Services offered (mechanical)

Mechanical installation of industrial equipment

Troubleshooting and repair of mechanical failures

Planned and preventive maintenance

Reliable equipment and process improvement

Project management and much more.

Expert Electricians For Your Business

Why hire Sovereign Trades Electrical Contractors?

We understand the role and importance of workplace safety, especially in high-end factory facilities.

Our professionals pay attention to detail, apply their practical knowledge, and follow the safety rules and regulations of the Australian Work Health and Safety Standards.

With our customized electrical solutions, you'll be thrilled with the results. We complete every task efficiently and use our advanced resources and technologies to get the job done. If you need new electrical systems installed or old wiring and cabling removed, we're here to help. Our professionals will make sure the equipment is installed correctly and working as it should.

How are we different from others?

We are all about efficiency. We know how valuable your time is.

That's why we won't keep you waiting for our service. Instead, we'll be there when we say we'll be there. As your premier industrial electrician, we are committed to providing reliable and professional service on every job.

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Sovereign Trades has technicians skilled and licenced in all forms of commercial electrical work. In addition,

we have decades of combined experience working with electrical systems in restaurants, offices, shops and factories

Sovereign Trades

We are a Brisbane based company servicing manufacturers across the board, from small business needs to complete factory automation installations and upgrades.

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