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Keeping your business running smoothly

Keep your work running smoothly by taking care of electrical lines, networks, components, faults and outages.

The goal of maintenance is to prevent outages and emergency repairs, which in turn reduces the risk of shutdowns.

Maintenance can also help your company's electrical equipment and machinery last longer.

When you identify repairs and breakdowns ahead of time, you can plan better and not worry about spending money on electrical emergencies.

Electrical Maintenance Services

Every manufacturing facility and all industrial plants rely on electricity for production and supply. That is why it is critical that Electrical Maintenance is performed by qualified and experienced electricians and engineers to limit avoidable breakdowns as well as reduce production downtime.

Electrical Maintenance work can be split into four categories: 





Scheduled Electrical Maintenance saves Time and Energy

When your appliances run efficiently for a long time, you can reduce your energy and utility costs. This is possible because an efficient appliance does not use excessive electricity, keeping your utility bills at an acceptable level. It also protects you from unexpected equipment failures, which often lead to costly and frustrating downtime.

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Another cost-saving aspect is repair costs. A well-maintained electrical system generally does not require regular repairs. So if you notice a problem in your electrical system, have Sovereign Trades fix it before it becomes a bigger problem and costs you a lot. 

The best maintenance electrician in Brisbane is at your service - Sovereign Trades. So call us today to book our maintenance services and get a free quote for your next project.


Electrical Maintenance services of the highest quality:

Not only do we provide fast and efficient maintenance services, such as panel repairs, but we also offer high-quality commercial and industrial electrical services. We have earned our excellent reputation by always providing guaranteed and professional services to our customers.

We are on hand no matter where your project extends because we deliver our services throughout the Brisbane area.


Repairs and routine checks

Replacements and upgrades


Emergency repairs

Maintenance of electrical panels

Testing and repair of output and emergency lights

Emergency lighting labelling and logbooks

Marking and testing of outlet devices

Replacement of fluorescent tubes and light globes

All Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance

This is performed even if equipment is operating at its efficient level.

It is done to prevent degradation of performance and limit unforeseen breakdowns.

It involves preparing a strategy which significantly reduces preventable breakdowns, limit production loss, enforce safety precautions as well as, ultimately, decrease maintenance spending.

Involves scheduling equipment downtime to perform necessary or important maintenance to prevent breakdowns during production.

Operational Maintenance 

This deals with the care and upkeep of industrial equipment to ensure prolonged service life. This includes ongoing inspections, cleaning procedures and other servicing operations generally carried out by trained operators.

Maintenance Programs

Corrective Maintenance 

Focuses on correcting and repairing equipment, or parts, identified during Preventative Maintenance and can also include the replacement of equipment and parts in order to prevent breakdowns that could be caused from wear and tear.

Breakdown Maintenance 

This is highly stressful as it deals with failures during production operations. Of the four maintenance processes, this is the most costly and disruptive both in repair and because it halts production. It is often also referred to as Run-to Fail Maintenance Strategy.

This is the time that you want to ensure that you have the best electrical company doing the work. Every minute your production is an expense that needs to be dealt with quickly and efficently

How often should maintenance be performed?

How regularly a licensed electrician performs maintenance depends on factors such as the type and age of the building, its use and conditions. For example, large, high-production facilities and factories where there is dust, heat, or humidity need to be checked more frequently.

In Australia, there are a number of electrical maintenance standards that should be followed to stay compliant as a business.

Talk to us about setting up an electrical maintenance program.

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