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Our highly professional and friendly electricians will quote you an honest price before we begin any work. 

Our team is committed to giving the finest service possible and most effective solution to your electrical problems.

We know that home renovations, project management, and power outages can be stressful, and we're here to help.

We are fast and responsive and can be onsite quickly when you need us. 

Residential Electrical Repairs and Maintenance Services

Sovereign Trades provides electrical maintenance services and repairs (interior and exterior) for traditional and modern homes in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Electrical maintenance and repairs are critical to ensuring your home is protected, safe, and operating as efficiently as possible.

Sovereign Trades provides regular maintenance, modifications, diagnostics, and new installations. The team can also perform energy and electrical audits, as well as safety inspections, so you don't have to be concerned when it comes to your home's electrical system.

Minimize the stress by calling Sovereign Trades.

So whether you just need a light bulb changed or a panel replaced, the team at Sovereign Trades is here for you.

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Our Experienced Residential Electricians Provide:

Outlets/PowerPoints, switches and dimmers

Electrical wiring/rewiring

Home and outdoor lighting

General light and power

Panel/switchboards upgrades

Ceiling fan installations

Smoke alarms

General Lighting and Power

Sovereign Trades are qualified electricians in Brisbane who have years of experience providing lighting and power to homes. 

We can upgrade existing lights or help you to plan lighting for a new home build.

We pride our selves on offering electrical services that are completed quickly and without drama.

Whether you require electrical installation work or have an issue with your power or lighting, and that's where Sovereign Trades comes in.

Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades

The switchboard is the electrical hub in your home. It's where all the electrical "nerves" of the house start from.

If you have not had your switchboard inspected in the last 10 years, it is time to get it looked at.

Your switchboard upgrade will involve the replacement of all ceramic fuses for modern, safe circuit breakers and RCDs and meet the current electrical standards.

Switchboards often need to be replaced because they can no longer handle the strain of new appliances.

If you are thinking of getting an induction stove top, you may need new wiring to cope with the extra power loads required.

Our electricians are experienced in installing switchboards that are suitable for all homes and your electrical requirements.

Smoke Alarm installation

Smoke alarms are now a requirement and part of the measures to keep you and your family safe in your home.


Our Brisbane residential electricians can help you create a suitable installation plan for your smoke alarms that meet Australian regulatory requirements and is permanently connected to the main power supply.

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Sovereign Trades has technicians skilled and licenced in all forms of commercial electrical work. In addition,

we have decades of combined experience working with electrical systems in restaurants, offices, shops and factories.

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We are a Brisbane based company servicing manufacturers across the board, from small business needs to complete factory automation installations and upgrades.

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