There are many reasons an industrial electrician becomes a necessity for industrial worksites or plant & equipment. Sovereign Trades offers industrial electrician services in Brisbane, with more than 25 years of experience. But what is an industrial electrician and what do they do?

What is an industrial electrician? 

An industrial electrician is an electrician who specialises in the wiring and maintenance of electrical systems in industrial settings which includes factories, warehouses or plants. They’re used to working in tight spaces and accessing areas that might be difficult to get to and work in. They understand how to work safely, using the right safety equipment, and how to navigate harsher environments.

Industrial facilities have very different requirements to residential electricians. Industrial electricians must hold a current QLD electrical license and training which makes them perfect for the job. They can handle every electrical need within an industrial setting. 

Having an industrial electrician in Brisbane helps make sure that your business is running smoothly without having to worry about your machinery and equipment.

What are the responsibilities of an industrial electrician? 

Industrial electricians are responsible for all your industrial electrical needs. They help keep your equipment running and let you know if something needs replacing. Here are some responsibilities of an industrial electrician.

  • Maintain and repair electrical equipment in an industrial setting 
  • Install new electrical equipment as needed 
  • Troubleshoot electrical problems 
  • Power upgrades and distribution
  • Keep up with changing electrical codes and standards 
  • Test electrical equipment and systems to ensure they are functioning properly 

In addition to making any repairs that require urgent attention, an industrial electrician can also monitor and evaluate electrical systems to recommend any repairs or maintenance that might need to be performed. It’s their job to carry out scheduled maintenance to prevent future problems, which helps clients save money and maintain business continuity. So you need the right person for the job. Working with an industrial electrical company in Brisbane in this regard is always better. They have the most talented individuals so you will get the best services.

What is the difference between an electrician and an industrial electrician? 

While some people may confuse an industrial electrician with a domestic electrician, there is quite a difference. 

An electrician is someone who installs, maintains, and repairs electrical equipment and systems in a residential environment or small office. They work with smaller projects and fixtures such as putting in wiring, electrical appliance installation, small repairs, and other smaller projects.

On the other hand, an industrial electrician is someone who works on the electrical needs of a business in an industrial setting. Industrial electricians take on larger projects and generally have more experience in this setting. They must have a current QLD electrical license to meet legislative requirements. 

The main difference between the two is that an industrial electrician typically works on larger projects and is more familiar with the electrical safety codes of practice. So now that you know the difference, make sure to hire the best industrial electrician in Brisbane for all your needs.

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